The £400 Rip Off

The £400 Rip Off Book Details

By Sigurjón Kristjánsson

  • Category: True Crime, Books, Nonfiction
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2015-06-03
  • Author: Sigurjón Kristjánsson
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The £400 Rip Off Summary

The experience of The Victrix family regarding how they were ripped off by £400 (four hundred pounds or quid) or $800 (Eight hundred dollars or bucks), by those pretending to help you make an accident claim, and how you can get that money for yourself, instead of the accident help lines or the legal services advice sites. Just because the charge heaven and earth, doesn't mean you are better off. - Don't believe the lawyers. Most of them pocket this money from 'The Portal', that is rightfully yours; Others offer to split it 50:50.

A 19 page must read for those who want to fight injustice.

This book is the Modern Day Robin Hood, in fighting injustice. - Stop the rich from getting more rich and the poor getting poorer.