A Glimpse Into Ayurveda

A Glimpse Into Ayurveda Book Details

By Amogha Krishna

  • Category: Medical, Books, Professional & Technical, Arts & Entertainment, Art & Architecture, Health, Mind & Body, Health & Fitness
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2015-09-20
  • Author: Amogha Krishna
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A Glimpse Into Ayurveda Summary

How can modern medicine become more effective? How have other medicinal systems accomplished this? What exactly is complementary medicine? These are the questions that linger about today’s healthcare system. In this book, the author dives into defining what Ayurveda is, its evolution, and its modern use in contemporary southern India. Additionally, the author looks at the process of Ayurveda, from plant production to diagnosis and treatment of diseases through herbal treatments. A discussion is ensued regarding the methods in which modern medicine can grow and become more powerful as well as dynamic through the creation of a cross-implementation model. Read to learn more about this growing topic and to participate in changing today’s healthcare system for the betterment of tomorrow’s healthcare system.