Gardening in the South

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By Alabama Cooperative Extension System

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Gardening in the South Summary

Welcome to Gardening in the South! The secret to a great garden is to have a plan. Gardens are dynamic, they change with the seasons and are ever-evolving. Through all of this change and growth – successful gardens reflect balance. Your plant selections are the very foundation of the beauty and joy that is a garden.  

Your choices of the right plant may seem limitless. But in reality, your goal is to select the best plant, for the best location, that brings the right color and texture to your outdoor living space. 

Annuals and perennials, ornamental grasses, vines and ground cover, shrubs and trees are all elements that you can apply to the canvas of your garden.   

This book includes descriptions and recommendations of more than 300 plants, including:

• 18 vines
• 34 ground covers
• 14 ornamental grasses
• 154 shrubs
• And 99 trees.  

And for those special questions that reach beyond this book, we’ll help you connect to the deeper information resources of Cooperative Extension.