The Emperor Who Built The Great Wall

The Emperor Who Built The Great Wall Book Details

By Jillian Lin & Shi Meng

  • Category: Biography, Books, Kids, History
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2016-07-07
  • Author: Jillian Lin & Shi Meng
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The Emperor Who Built The Great Wall Summary

DID YOU KNOW that China was named after its first emperor – the brilliant, all-powerful emperor who built The Great Wall? In this book, discover why he started building the Wall, how he made China the biggest country on earth, and what treasures he hid in his secret tomb. Find out how he became one of the most important people in the history of China. Read all about the first emperor’s fascinating life in The Emperor Who Built The Great Wall.

The simple language and beautiful illustrations make The Emperor Who Built The Great Wall a wonderful reader or bedtime story. It is suitable for all ages, but children aged six to twelve years will especially enjoy reading this book. 

~ About the ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA... Series ~

China has a long history but its many stories are often too complex for children. In this series, Jillian Lin retells China’s best historical tales so they are easy and fun to read. Children will embark on a journey through time where they will get a glimpse inside the colourful lives of famous Chinese figures. Beautiful illustrations, gripping stories and fascinating facts make these books wonderful readers or bedtime stories for ages six and above. Other titles in this series are:

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