Proverb Daily Devotional: 7 Trump

Proverb Daily Devotional: 7 Trump Book Details

By Mike Little

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  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2017-07-09
  • Author: Mike Little
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Proverb Daily Devotional: 7 Trump Summary

Politics has taken over all thought since Trump began his run for the White House. He has been in place now for almost 6 months and little has abated. You either love him or hate him and have something to say about him regardless. I have been writing in depth verse by verse devotionals about Proverbs for the past 4 years (off and on). Since all thought is on him, his ideas, his thoughts, and his actions I thought it would be unique to look at how he and his policies might look at the issues today rather than Solomon so long ago. Abortion, immigration, free will, Muslim ban, etc. are a lot different now than then. Islam had not even been thought of at that time. Come on and ride with me; we might disagree about some points and we might question one another, but is that not why writing and ideas were developed--to make us better Christians or people.