Nature Calls

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By Jules Marriner

  • Category: Nature, Books, Science & Nature, Kids, Science & Nature, Animals
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2017-08-08
  • Author: Jules Marriner
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Nature Calls Summary

A yearly nature spotting guide.

Do you know what is in your garden? who slinks around your park? which animals leave footprints in the snow? and what noises they make? Nature Calls gives you a sneaky peak into the lives of animals and birds that live in Britain all year round and some, that are just visiting. A nonfiction nature spotting book for everyone aged over 3, with pictures on every page.

Q&As with the author:
Q. What makes Nature Calls special?
A. I spent many hours listening to bird audio and animal noises and interpreted them into words (phonics), so when you are looking at this nature spotter with your children, you can learn to recognise what each one sounds like. You can often hear birds or animals without actually seeing them, so this is a great way to identify who is in the bushes or high up in the trees.

Q. Why should I give your books a try?
A. I have been an illustrator for nearly a zillion years (or so it feels!) and I LOVE drawing wildlife. I always 'see' a book before I write it, and you will know what I mean when you have a look at my books. I am also intensely interested in education - so I always slip a sneaky way to learn things into my stories. My customers and reviews tell me how much they love my books, how 'each page is a smorgasbord, a real treat for little readers' and 'I could not wait to turn the pages and see the antics, marvellous illustrations. This is a must read for all small people, and their grandparents.'

Q. Do you have other books?
A. Yes - loads.

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