Food Handler's Manual: Student

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By Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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Food Handler's Manual: Student Summary

Independently from its origin, once the food reaches the consumer it may have an impact on public health and cause severe economic damage to the establishments devoted to its preparation and sale. These two events may cause loss of confidence and the closing down of a business.
Fortunately, the measures for preventing food contamination are very simple and may be applied by anyone who handles food, by following easy rules for hygienic food handling.
The purpose of this Manual is to provide to people who handle food the information they need to facilitate and apply good food handling practices. In addition, it seeks to provide basic information about food safety that Latin American and Caribbean countries may adapt to their own needs.
The Manual is organized into three Modules and Appendices focusing on the following topics: (1) food hazards; (2) FBDs; and (3) hygienic measures to prevent food contamination.
The evaluation at the end, is part of the Manual. Its purpose is to assess the knowledge acquired during the course regarding the importance of hygienic food handling for public health.