Weather4D Routing User Guide

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By Francis Fustier & Olivier Bouyssou

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  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2020-05-07
  • Author: Francis Fustier & Olivier Bouyssou
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Weather4D Routing User Guide Summary

Weather4D Routing is a powerful weather-routing application based on weather and oceanic forecast files in GRIB format. It displays 3D weather forecasts in one or two screens with an extremely smooth temporal animation.

Many models of weather and ocean forecasts are available, and requests and downloads are fully customizable.

Weather4D Routing displays the combined data as layers. All the data of a selected model is displayed by an animation in continuous time scrolling or in manual scrolling on the map.

The routing module allows to optimize sailing, boating, or mixed sail-motor routes. From a theoretical route, a motor routing will take into account current forecasts, and also wind force and wave height constraints for optimization of comfort and safety. In sailing, a polar speed combined with wind and current forecasts will be used for optimization of performance and safety. Multi-routing allows you to compare the results of different options: prediction models, departure dates and times, selected constraint values.

This multimedia manual is the full user guide for the Weather4D Routing app available on the Apple AppStore. It is to download for the attention of application users.

- 67 pages

- 54 graphics

- 26 videos