Surly Bonds

Surly Bonds Book Details

By English Michaels

  • Category: Military, Books, Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2018-06-25
  • Author: English Michaels
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Surly Bonds Summary

Rash daredevils with a score to settle. Swaggering jet jocks with no regard for rules or safety. Unchecked egos battling for superiority. This is the picture Hollywood paints of the military fighter pilot—but what really happens behind the closed doors of an Air Force fighter squadron?

English Michaels knows.

When the 82nd Tactical Fighter Squadron pays the ultimate price for reckless leadership, Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Morgan is tasked with the responsibility of instilling discipline in the talented, untamed fighter pilots.

The Scorpions like to play hard, but Nathan's trademark is hard work. There's been no room for anything but career and accomplishment since his hopes for love and family were felled in one devastating instant, and Nate's never given another thought to the possibility of opening his heart or his life to another woman.

Not until Camille. She's funny, successful, whip-smart, and utterly broken. Nathan has no indication she's branded by heartbreak and loss to rival what's shaped him, but when circumstances intertwine their lives, the blazing attraction is impossible to ignore. And the chemistry is off the charts.

Both lives are crowded with careers where life and death hang in the balance daily. Seconds count and a momentary loss of focus can result in tragedy. And their longing for deeper connection is hampered by the scars of old heartbreak. Can Nathan persuade Camille to give love another chance even as he hesitates to trust his own heart?

The Hard Broke Series follows the adventures of the pilots of the Scorpion squadron and the women they love. Although each story is self-contained and does not contain a cliffhanger, the terminology unique to the fighter pilot world and the United States Air Force makes it preferable to read the series in order. Please enjoy each story chronologically – I hope you love the Scorpions as much as I do.