Secrets Of Abuse Survival

Secrets Of Abuse Survival Book Details

By Gabriel Woods

  • Category: Family & Relationships, Books, Nonfiction
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2018-11-21
  • Author: Gabriel Woods
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Secrets Of Abuse Survival Summary

Secrets of Abuse Survival describes and explains domestic abuse with a sensitive and understanding approach. The extreme pain of domestic abuse victims, experienced by both men and women, are disclosed. Many of the myths about domestic abuse are debunked and the dark truths of the domestic abuser are revealed.
Women and men abuse victims contribute personal accounts of their horrendous domestic abuse experiences which add a personal touch to this book.
John Dunne was a domestic abuse victim and he chronicles his experiences, thoughts and feelings about domestic abuse. He recounts terrifying experiences at the hands of his domestic abuser.
John's experiences would be typical of many domestic abuse victims. His chronicles are often disturbing descriptions of his abuse and the very deep pain he experienced emotionally and psychologically. He describes bravely stepping into a new life where he does not experience abuse and how he achieved his goal of freedom.

This guide has informative psychological, emotional, metaphysical, educational, legal aspects and is also a practical self help book. Secrets Of Abuse Survival truely is the "one stop shop" to understanding and dealing with all aspects of domestic abuse for the victim or survivor and also friends or family who may be involved.
Gabriel explains how the domestic abuser selects his prey from the very first meeting with the victim, how the victim is hooked into often a long term relationship and then bled dry in a variety of ways such as financially, emotionally, psychologically and often physically. Gabriel describes what the red flags are and how the domestic abuser develops his or her abuse to hurtful, harmful and often life threatening levels.

There is a life beyond domestic abuse that does not involve suffering. A life where the victim can spot abusers, prevent further abuse, find a loving partner and thrive in a thriving life.
Secrets of Abuse Survival provides a passage to an understanding of all aspects of abuse and an abuse free life.