Third Wave Feminism

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By Multiple Authors

  • Category: Social Science, Books, Nonfiction
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2019-03-08
  • Author: Multiple Authors
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Third Wave Feminism Summary

Meet the New Feminism, Same as the Old Feminism 
by Janice Fiamengo

Decolonizing the Wave

by Lala Drew

Why I'm Not a Feminist

by Katherine Revello

DIY Spirit of the Third Wave

by Evan Klim

Feminists do Not Get to Define Feminism

by Elizabeth Hobson

Where We Stand

by Kristi Winters

On Intersectionality and Feminism

by Judith Charpentier

In Defense of Second Wave Feminism

by Felicity Koba Sharpe

Is Third Wave Feminism Really a Movement

by Jerry Barnett

The Authoritarian Fight for 'Equality'

by Mae Fengári