The Worlds Best Part-Time Job

The Worlds Best Part-Time Job Book Details

By Princeton Mayberry

  • Category: Investing, Books, Business & Personal Finance
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2019-11-09
  • Author: Princeton Mayberry
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The Worlds Best Part-Time Job Summary

Are you ready to start investing? Do you ever wonder what investing is or how you can use it to not only make money but also reach financial independence?

“The World’s Best Part-Time Job” not only provides you with the information you need to get started investing, but it also teaches you investing strategies that will have you earning money today.The book follows a simple “3-Step” process to make investing easy for you to understand and get started.


The book does not bore you with providing every single detail about investing, instead you are only provided the information needed to get started and make money, saving you valuable time and resources.

Learn To Invest Or Remain Average

Do you know how the top 10% of the world that controls wealth succeeded? That’s right by investing. They understood the power of leverage and being able to grow their money substantially by using passive investing techniques. The good thing is that you can use the same techniques to get rich. All you have to do is make the commitment to be successful, read this book and start earning money while you sleep.

Why “The World’s Best Part-Time Job”

As the name suggests, there is no other part-time job in the world that can earn you the same amount of money than the information suggested in this book. This book was specifically designed with the working class in mind, so the book focuses on providing you with the exact information you need to be successful. Some of the benefits include:
•Reach retirement goals faster and continue to earn money after retirement
•Use extra income to purchase your dream home, car or take the vacations you deserve
•Pay for your children college expenses
•Live anywhere in the world, travel whenever you like
•Earn money in your sleep, no matter the condition of the economy
•Financial freedom, no longer live paycheck to paycheck or fear losing your job
•Learn a lifetime money making skill

The book includes a chapter on employer sponsored retirement plans. Learn how to read the statements you receive in the mail and be able to make an educated decision about your account.

6-Step Roadmap To Investing

The book was created following an easy to follow 6-step roadmap to investing:
1.Define Your Goals
2.Figure Out Your Finances
3.Starting Small Add Up To Large Gains
4.Pay off High Interest Consumer Debt
5.Risk Tolerance
6.Investment Options

When investing you must define your goals before you make any investment decisions. That way you will only invest in products that will meet your specific goals. You must also figure out your current finances, if you cannot handle the money you currently have you will not be able to handle the new money your investments will bring. You must be able to organize your financial affairs, which also allows you to determine exactly how much money you can commit to your investments. For some starting small will be your first investment. Do not be discouraged if you do not have thousands of dollars to start with, what does matter is that you start. Pay off any and all high interest consumer debt. Those credit cards with their high interest rates are draining your finances, all of which can be used for your investments to earn you more money. Make it a habit to do away with high interest consumer debt before investing if possible. Determining your risk tolerance will allow you to choose investment products that you are comfortable with, this will allow you to sleep at night. There are many investment options for you to choose form to meet your personal investment goals.

The book covers all the categories available to you. •Stocks•Bonds•Municipal Bonds•Mutual Funds•Exchange-Traded Funds•Annuities•Certificates Of Deposit•Money Market Funds•Commodities•Hedge Funds•Real Estate Investment Trusts