My Year Collecting Toys 2017

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By Matthew Marchon

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  • Release Date: 2020-05-12
  • Author: Matthew Marchon
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My Year Collecting Toys 2017 Overview

It's not an addiction, it's a passion. I love collecting toys. Okay, yeah, fine, maybe a little bit of an addiction. We'll let you decide.

Journey with me as we take a trip back to 2017. The year my beloved WWF Hasbro figures returned to the shelves as WWE Retros. The year Mega Construx added Masters Of The Universe to their line of mini figures. The year I bought a collection of the 2011 Thundercats and found a bag of He-Man figures at a thrift store in the mountains of New Hampshire.

While traveling New England for my hiking guides, I stopped at every toy store, flea market and thrift store I came across. Not to mention my parents' shed and attic, always good places for old treasures. And of course, good old eBay.

The cover says it all, you know what we're hunting down. This isn't superheroes and Star Wars, I'm looking for those forgotten lines. And a few not so forgotten. We're talking Dino-Riders and Super Naturals. Wrestling and MOTU. GI Joes, Turtles, the ninja kind, not the ones you have to brake for in the road, Transformers and even, ugh, I know people hate it but I'm gonna say it anyway, Go-Bots. And Thundercats, everyone loves them. Does that make up for it?

It was a good year for toy hunting, but not nearly as good as the years that fell around it. Since this book's a little short, we're going to give it away, just pretend it's one of those mini comics that came with 80's action figures. But don't let your kids read it, some of the humor may be a little inappropriate. They can enjoy the pictures though, just like I did with the actual mini comics that came with my figures when I was a kid.

Let's take a look at my year collecting toys in 2017.

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