Elsie on the Hudson

Elsie on the Hudson Book Details

By Martha Finley

  • Category: Religion, Books, Young Adult, Fiction
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 1909-01-01
  • Author: Martha Finley
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Elsie on the Hudson Summary

Crag Cottage was almost overflowingly full the first night after the arrival of its young mistress and her friends, but with a little contrivance all were comfortably accommodated. Most of them, weary with their journey, slept rather late in the morning, but Captain Raymond and his eldest daughter were as usual out of doors—out in the grounds—early enough to enjoy the beautiful sight of the rising of the sun over the eastern mountains. They met upon the front porch just in time to walk down together to Evelyn's favorite summer house on the edge of the cliff, before the king of day showed his bright face peeping above those eastern heights.