The Twelve Months of the Year

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By Anonymous

  • Category: Religion, Books, Young Adult, Fiction
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2012-03-01
  • Author: Anonymous
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The Twelve Months of the Year Summary

January. —Now the weather is very cold. There are no leaves upon the trees. The ground is frozen quite hard. Perhaps it is covered with snow. Every thing looks very cold and comfortless. A little boy or girl, when out of humor, reminds me of this month. Bring plenty of wood and make a good fire, that we may warm ourselves. February is a cold month, but the days are getting longer. Now the crocuses and snow-drops begin to appear. When little boys and girls have been naughty, how pleasant it is to see them begin to be good again! Remember, the crocuses and snow-drops do not make themselves grow: it is God that causes them to grow. So we must look to him to enable us to be good.