To Win the Love He Sought

To Win the Love He Sought Book Details

By Edward Phillips Oppenheim

  • Category: Suspense, Books, Romance
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 1946-01-01
  • Author: Edward Phillips Oppenheim
  • Book Ratings: 0/5 (0 User Reviews)

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To Win the Love He Sought Summary

The soft mantle of a southern twilight had fallen upon land and sea, and the heart of the Palermitans was glad. Out they trooped into the scented darkness, strolling along the promenade in little groups, listening to the band, drinking in the cool night breeze from the sea, singling out friends, laughing, talking, flirting, and passing on. A long line of carriages was drawn up along the Marina, and many of the old Sicilian aristocracy were mingling with the crowd.