Tales and Novels — Volume 05

Tales and Novels — Volume 05 Book Details

By Maria Edgeworth

  • Category: Culture, Places & People, Books, Young Adult, Fiction
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 1849-05-22
  • Author: Maria Edgeworth
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Tales and Novels — Volume 05 Overview

This is a tales and novel book. I am more grieved than I can express, my dearest Miss Walsingham, by a cruel contre-temps, which must prevent my indulging myself in the long-promised and long-expected pleasure of being at your fete de famille on Tuesday, to celebrate your dear father's birthday. I trust, however, to your conciliating goodness, my kind young friend, to represent my distress properly to Mr. Walsingham. Make him sensible, I conjure you, that my heart is with you all, and assure him that this is no common apology. Indeed, I never employ such artifices with my friends: to them, and to you in particular, my dear, I always speak with perfect frankness and candour. Amelia, with whom, entre nous, you are more a favourite than ever, is so much vexed and mortified by this disappointment, that I see I shall not be restored to favour till I can fix a day for going to you: yet when that may be, circumstances, which I should not feel myself quite justified in mentioning, will not permit me to decide.

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