Sustainability - The Geography Perspective: Part I

Sustainability - The Geography Perspective: Part I Book Details

By Simon N. Gosling, Tania Mendonca, Joshua Baker, Steve Stapleton, Andy Beggan & Sarah Speight

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Sustainability - The Geography Perspective: Part I Overview

In this eBook, we examines the core pillars of sustainability, with aid of everyday examples, in order to develop a holistic understanding of what sustainability means. The eBook has been written by a Geographer but it is aimed at all people interested in learning about sustainability from the local to the global scale.

To maintain focus, we consider sustainability with respect to water, food, agriculture, forestry and energy. For each of these elements of sustainability, the module illustrates why their sustainable management is important, given that we are living within finite environmental limits. 

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ISBN:  9780957437944

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