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By Peter English

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  • Release Date: 2013-02-14
  • Author: Peter English
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Genetics Overview

Take an hour to clear up common misconceptions about one of the most basic concepts in Biology!  This book provides a complete explanation of the structure and function of DNA at the professional development level.  Geared toward teachers of all grade levels, the book uses concept-based approach and focuses on misconceptions that begin in elementary school. It includes appropriate introductions to the material, evidence that allows independent thinking and scaffolding of concepts, and quick in-line quizzes to ensure concepts are understood.

With this book, primary-level teachers can help early learners avoid common errors that can undermine their science knowledge in the future, and secondary teachers will benefit from the book’s cohesive approach to the story of inheritance without getting buried in the details.

Chapter 1 covers basics like the difference between phenotype and genotype.  

Chapter 2 explains the structure of DNA.  

Chapter 3 explains how proteins are made, including the role of RNA.  

Chapter 4 covers teaching priorities and how to avoid instilling common misconceptions in your students.   

Dr. English is the former Director of Elementary Education Initiatives at the Center for Inquiry in Mathematics and Sciences at the University of Texas.  He has written inquiry-based curricula for pre-service teachers at UT-Austin and professional development workshops and manuals for in-service teachers.  Dr. English has also written a biology concept inventory test used statewide in Texas.  His experience teaching underlying concepts is embodied in the “What You Need to Know to Teach” series of books.

The preview contains chapter 1, section 1.

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