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By Femke Huurdeman, Aniek Smetsers, Kiersten Hay, Valerie Overgaag, Talitha Bergraaf & Nataša Cvjetković

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Don't skirt the issue, suit up!

Created by students at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Garment Magazine focuses on one garment at a time to create a fashion encyclopedia. In this issue, we take the skirt suit as a starting point and look at this subject from different perspectives. 

From the Kings of Kongo to the modern Kilt, Chanel to Clueless, we take a long look at this power staple to find out if its true form is as buttoned up as we think! 

The Garment iPad Magazine features a historical timeline that shows us the evolution of the skirt suit, photo shoots by Adrian Woods and Romy Treebusch, in-depth articles about kilts and the ladies of Hitchcock, interviews skirt suit wearers, and we take a look at the trends in a kaleidoscopic way.  

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