Ducasse Made Simple by Sophie

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By Alain Ducasse, Sophie Dudemaine & Linda Dannenberg

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Ducasse Made Simple by Sophie Summary

Sophie Dudemaine has selected and simplified the signature recipes of celebrated chef Alain Ducasse.

For the American testing and adaptation of the recipes, the star chef has appealed to his friend, Linda Dannenberg, passionate about French food. The result is a huge success! It is how to have a great chef in your home kitchen…

The four chapters cover everything from starters to desserts with delicious dishes such as pumpkin velouté soup, spicy lamb loin, rib steak with french fries, pesto pasta, cheesecake, waffles… among other delights.

Designed in an easy to read format, this book will be an indispensable reference and inspiration for all lovers of gastronomy who want to amaze friends and family.