ECG Cardiac Rhythm

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By Jorge Uzquiano

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  • Release Date: 2014-01-12
  • Author: Jorge Uzquiano
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ECG Cardiac Rhythm Summary

The author introduces a simple criteria for the differential diagnosis of Wide 'QRS' Tachycardias.  It is based in the presence of the normal septal vector.  This is a narrow vector, which moves to the right, and is recorded as a tiny, upright deflection in Lead V1.  

This septal vector+1, is the 'fingerprint' of all normal, supra ventricular complexes.' 

Wide Complexes (WC's), preceded by a normal septal vector +1, are normal heartbeat with a Bundle branch Block.  Wide complexes with no vector +1, but a Wide onset deflections, are Abnormal Ventricular Complexes, such the case of Wide Complex Tachycardias (WCT's),  of Ventricular Tachycardias.  

Narrow complex tachycardias (NCT's), if not preceded by conducted atrial contractions, have a Reentry mechanism. 

Posterior cardiac electrodes, from 15 Lead ECG's, may show that precordial 'NSTMI' are actually Posterior Myocardial infarcts: 'STMI's''

This book shows that 'QRS' vectors can be used to read ECG's and Cardiac Rhythms, each time with the same certainty.  The author is convinced that Cardiac Vector analysis, is the path to proper ECG, and Cardiac Rhythm Diagnosis.

This book is written in conjunction with feedback of medical students who requested a pictorial depiction of ECG;s, Cardiac Rhythms, Axis deviation, and the sequence of cardiac vectors, in each page.  This book aims to be a shortcut teaching tool to modern Surface Electrocardiography, with Simultaneous multiple Lead 12, and 15 Lead ECG's, which offer a 3D view of cardiac vectors.