An Odyssey Through Japan

An Odyssey Through Japan Book Details

By Graham M Thomas

  • Category: Asia, Books, Travel & Adventure
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2015-03-01
  • Author: Graham M Thomas
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An Odyssey Through Japan Summary

"A classic piece of travel writing that takes you there and back in a way no other writer can."

" A worthy successor to the Roads To Sata."

"Discover a new Japan." Amazon

I wouldn't like to suggest that in fact this is a worthy successor to Alan Booth's Road To Sata but I would say he was an inspiration.

An odyssey across Japan, from its northern most island to the southern tip of Kyushu. Like any Odyssey it has taken some time to complete it but I would not term myself a hero by any stretch of the imagination. The trip starts in northern Hokkaido and ends in the southernmost point of Kyushu where James Bond’s You Only Live Twice was filmed. On the way we discover little known aspects of Japan as well as touching on the story behind You Only Live Twice, including the visits made by Ian Fleming to research the novel. There are megaliths and whirlpools; firebombing and snow storms; superb food and mysterious onsen. This is a Japan that few people know in its entirety.
Loaded with photographs and, hopefully, well-researched stories it also moves not only between place but also time.