15 Smart Animals From Around The World

15 Smart Animals From Around The World Book Details

By Selena Dale

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  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2015-03-04
  • Author: Selena Dale
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15 Smart Animals From Around The World Summary

Discover Some of the Smartest Animals from Around the World.

Do you have any idea what animal can paint a recognizable figure on a canvass using a paintbrush?
Do you know of any animal that can teach themselves how to open canned food?
How about those that can play computer games, solve math problems and logical puzzles just like humans…or even better than humans?

The fun does not stop there.
Any idea what animal has razor sharp memory that can recognize the meaning of a word or a face from years ago?

And of course there is the animal that communicates by singing lengthy songs. If another animal of the same species hears the song, it will repeat the exact same song as a response! And speaking of songs, let’s not forget the animal who can sing lullabies while nursing her young.

This Book Has Amazing Facts & Photos of 15 Incredibly Smart Animals.
For centuries, understanding how animals act and think has always been a very intriguing topic for scientists.

After all, though humans are branded to be the most intelligent species on the planet, it is undeniable that our fellow occupants in the animal kingdom have their own fascinating brainpower, instincts and unique survival tactics to boast.

Just as humans have a unique way to communicate; other creatures have also forged special ways to understand each other and to respond to their environments.
Scientists did countless laboratory experiments to capture not just their communicating abilities but also their feelings and emotions, learning processes, memory capacity, and their ability to use tools or even to pick up a foreign language.

This book is fully illustrated and has simple blocks of text that will make learning fun for your child.

The following animals are featured:
Spiders, Ants, Sea Lions, Crows, Raccoons, Horses, Falcons, Cats, Squirrels, Elephants, Dogs, Whales, Dolphins, Pigs, Chimpanzees

Yours kids can have fun while learning!
Prepare to learn the most astonishing facts about how these animals stand out from the rest in terms of intelligence.

This book is part of a series called, "Weird & Wonderful Animals" all of which are great for bedtime reading.
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