Child Custody For The Single Daddy

Child Custody For The Single Daddy Book Details

By Nick Thomas

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  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2015-04-06
  • Author: Nick Thomas
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Child Custody For The Single Daddy Overview

Do You Have Trouble Understanding Child Custody?

Child custody can be a confusing issue for many single fathers. They would worry about the consequences of messing up their child custody hearing. Many fathers have lost in child custody battles because they have no idea how to approach child custody hearings. They become confused and lose out during these hearings.

In Child Custody For The Single Daddy, Nick Thomas has shared his experience with child custody as a single father. In this book, he has obtained advise from other single fathers who had the same problems with child custody.

From this book, you would have a basic understanding of the Child Custody process and how to get the most out of it.

From this guide, you get the following benefits:-
* Understand The Different Types Of Child Custody
* What Factors Impact Child Custody Decisions
* How To Prepare For Child Custody Hearing
* Possible Post-Child Custody Issues To Consider
* What Is The Successful MINDSET Towards Child Custody ‘Success’

Imagine having a better understanding of child custody. You would be able to win custody of your child and give him/her a better life. You can do the best for him/her.

If you are interested to having an understanding of child custody as a single father, this book would guide you.

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