The Targeting of Myron May

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By Renee Pittman

  • Category: True Crime, Books, Nonfiction
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2015-08-09
  • Author: Renee Pittman
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The Targeting of Myron May Overview



Is there another side to the story? Fact or Fiction? You decide...

"My deepest regret is that I did not make a more diligent effort of documenting my experiences as a targeted individual along the way; however, this document is my feeble attempt at recounting my experiences thus far. First off, to anyone that may read this document, take a brief moment to pray for my soul. What I am about to do I have deep regret for; however, I feel that my options are extremely limited.

Because I am a targeted individual, everything has been taken away from me. I have literally been robbed of life through psychological, financial, and emotional hardship..." (November 17, 2014 Excerpt from Myron May "My Experiences of Being Targeted.")

On November 20, 2014, at 12:26 a.m., a Myron De Shawn May, entered Florida State University, Strozier Library, and opened fire injuring three, two of whom were students, and the third an alum employee. The media reported that by 12:30 a.m., a mere 4 minutes later, May lay face down, dead, after a hail of bullets just outside the library door by law enforcement after refusing to relinquish his weapon. Initial media reports vary as to whether he shot first.

Prior to the shooting, Myron May via certified mail sent out ten packages to various associates and social network contacts across the United States hoping to detail his story after his death. He strategically planned for the packages to arrive to each person the day after the shooting. Although the Postal Inspector, and FBI, intercepted and confiscated the packages across the United States, weeks later six letters would surface which May created and were likely inside the packages.The letters provide insight into the anguish and a well organized mind that had, it appears, "devised a scheme" for permanent emotional relief. These letters laid the foundation for this book.

This book is his detailed account of why…

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