Ice Homme (Valdaar's Fist, Book 3)

Ice Homme (Valdaar's Fist, Book 3) Book Details

By Vance Pumphrey

  • Category: Epic, Books, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fantasy
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2015-10-27
  • Author: Vance Pumphrey
  • Book Ratings: 5/5 (15 User Reviews)
Score Ratings: 5
Based on 15 User Reviews

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Ice Homme (Valdaar's Fist, Book 3) Overview

Valdaar’s Fist.
Forged by mortals. Enchanted by Drow.
Wielded by a God. Lost by man.
Or was it?

Finally, after solving the puzzle that was Dragma’s Keep and fighting their way through the subsurface labyrinth that comprised the Library of Antiquity, our heroes have proof that the artifact they need to return their god to the Land indeed does exist: Valdaar’s Fist—the sword of a God. But to get it, they must brace for their toughest challenge yet: ridding Ardaagh of its infestation of undead. Zombies, skeletons, ghosts, ghouls, and a powerful Lich Lord stand between them and their sworn destiny.

Done? Hardly. Sordaak and his companions must then find a way to wrench the staff that haunts his dreams from the cold, dead fingers of the most powerful servant of Set in the Land—his sister…

Vance Pumphrey traces the evolution of his high fantasy novels from his Nuclear Engineering career in the U.S. Navy—not an obvious leap. He started playing Dungeons and Dragons while in the Navy, though, and the inspiration for Dragma’s Keep was born. Ice Homme is the third book in the Valdaar’s Fist quartet. A fourth book in the series follows soon. Retired from the Navy, Vance lives in Seattle with his wife of thirty-plus years. To find out when the next Valdaar’s Fist book will be released, check out

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