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By Richard F Jones

  • Category: Action & Adventure, Books, Fiction & Literature
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2016-06-13
  • Author: Richard F Jones
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Gabriella Overview

Gabriella Hernandez, young, beautiful and blonde, works for the local newspaper in a small attractive sunlit Mediterranean town in the South East of Spain. Her journalistic curiosity leads her into the murky world of local politics and millionaire businessmen where she discovers that corruption is rife.
Her enquiries reveal that the mayor and his deputy are receiving backhanders for overlooking the necessary planning regulations on large scale building developments around the town. There also appears to be a continuing fraud over the allocation of grants to the local fruit growers. In all her investigations, however, the source of most of the criminality appears to emanate from a local millionaire property developer, one Federico Ramos.
During the course of her investigations Gabriella is harassed in her apartment, driven off the road in her car and abducted to an isolated country bungalow, from which she manages to escape. Helping her through her ordeals is a handsome Madrid journalist, Juan Calero, with whom she indulges in a passionate sexual relationship.
Will she succeed in bringing all the criminals to justice? The powers that be in the locality are all against her. If you read her story you will find out.

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