Universal and Unified Field Theory

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By Wei Xu

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  • Release Date: 2016-03-08
  • Author: Wei Xu
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Universal and Unified Field Theory Overview

Theory of Unified and Universal Physics is philosophically, mathematically and empirically revealed the workings of Universal Topology and Laws of Conservations. The nature of dark energies unfolds its Event Operations systematically on the origin of physical states. These principles convey and unfold the laws of topological framework, universal equations, symmetric continuity, and asymmetric dynamics systematically at the remarks of the following groundbreakings:

1. Principles of Natural Philosophy and Universal Topology

2. Framework of Contravariant and Covariant Manifolds

3. World Equations and Universal Field Equations

4. Constitution of Boost and Torque Generators

5. Horizon Hierarchy of World Plane and Spacetime 

6. Gauge Invariance and Quantum Chromodynamics

7. Fluxions of Symmetric Scalar and Vector Potentials

8. Thermodynamics, Dark Energy and Blackbody Radiation

9. Laws of Conservation of Photon and of Gravitation

10. Fundamentals of Weak, Strong and Spontaneous Forces

11. Asymmetric Dynamics and General Relativity 

12. Cosmological Field Equations 

13. Superphase Evolutions of Ontology

The application of an evolutionary process to contemporary theoretical physics therefore demonstrates a holistic picture of the principal equations, empirical assumptions, and essential artifacts. It prompts the entire discipline of physics, from Newtonian to spacetime relativity to quantum mechanics, to look back to the future: Virtumanity - Dialectical Nature of Virtual and Physical Reality.

Intuitively following the system of yinyang philosophy, this holistic theory is concisely accessible and replicable by readers with a basic background in mathematical derivation and theoretical physics. As a summary, this manuscript completes and unifies all of the principal equations, important assumptions, and essential laws, discovered and described by the classical and modern physics.

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