Community Evolved

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By Forward Unto Dawn

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  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2015-11-21
  • Author: Forward Unto Dawn
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Community Evolved Overview

In 2011, fans celebrated the tenth anniversary of the ‘Halo’ video game series at Halo Fest. While much had been written on the art, music, and development of the games, little ink had been spilled to celebrate the fans—the people who had supported the series and made its existence possible, developing their own culture along the way.

Compiled on the eve of the release of ‘Halo 5’, this book endeavors to highlight the major ways in which the ‘Halo’ community has banded together to support themselves, the ‘Halo’ series, and even people who have never played the games. ‘Community Evolved’—through the eyes of ‘Halo’ community leaders—showcases the various transformations the ‘Halo’ community has undergone in the first fifteen years of its existence.

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