Fiction Writing Prompts Vol. 1

Fiction Writing Prompts Vol. 1 Book Details

By Patti Stafford

  • Category: Writing, Books, Reference
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2016-08-18
  • Author: Patti Stafford
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Fiction Writing Prompts Vol. 1 Overview

Fiction Writing Prompts, Vol. 1

Does your mind ever go blank when you sit down to work on your fiction? A great way to keep your idea pool and your creative well in top shape is to practice your writing skills.

Use these writing prompts to hone your skills and to spark new ideas for your own stories.

Take the time to have some fun with writing. Write in a new genre. Your brain and the creative process is like a muscle, it needs to be developed and used often to stay in top shape.

Vol. 1 contains these fun story prompts:
1. Book in the Wall 2. Bathroom Portal 3. An Angel Among Us 4. Dark Rider 5. Scarecrow 6. Fiery Inscription 7. Whirlpool of Fantasy 8. Power Flight 9. The Saab Story 10. Round Table 11. The Singer 12. Demonstration 13. Stranger Than Fiction 14. Un-Insanity 15. Grandma and the Cat

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