The Switch

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By Lindsey Schussman

  • Category: Gay, Books, Fiction & Literature
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2016-07-29
  • Author: Lindsey Schussman
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The Switch Overview

It has been eight years since Lillian fought in the cages. After her death to the world, she became a new person and struggled hard to pick up the pieces. As the pieces were beginning to align, once again, Lillian was struck with a new task. One she could not let down. A new threat began to linger and Lillian found no other way then to hit it head on. Due to the circumstances, Lillian had to partner up with an old foe, and found a new, even darker menace. As old mistakes often surface, Lillian found herself once again bound and confined to darkness. And it was the darkness which she must overcome, or the poor world shall feel her wrath. Behind the wheel of a thought to be extinct Reich, Lillian must learn to control her new ability’s, destroy the world, or die. One thing that Lillian did know was that everything led up to everything. And as she took her steps into the unknown, she found that she was not alone. Book 2 of the Switchblade Mamma series.

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