Kennel-Mates in Animal Shelters

Kennel-Mates in Animal Shelters Book Details

By Mercedes Lopez-Roberson

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  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2016-10-10
  • Author: Mercedes Lopez-Roberson
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Kennel-Mates in Animal Shelters Overview

This Ebook covers in detail:  Shelter Dogs Real Stories, Bringing intake & euthanasia numbers down & More!

Everything Dogs is broken down in 4 Series:  Saving shelter dogs,  Basic dog training, Health & maintenance,  Emergency& safety  

 14 interactive ebooks Include:  Animal shelters in the United States, Kennelmate in animal shelters, High risk animals, Pitbulls in the United States, How to pick a pet as a family,  How to Introduce your new pet to your existing pet, Basic Dog training, Maintenance,  Holistic & natural remedies,  What your pet can & can not eat,  Nutritions & vegan Recipe0 What is in your pets food.  Emergencies,  Safety - Prevention - Defense.

These ebooks can improve your relationship with your dog & give you overall understanding to save a dogs life & to bring our intake/euthanasia numbers down. 
What is going on & what are we doing about it? Find out more & download
Educate, volunteer, foster,  sterilize, donate, adopt!

Come meet them and fall in love!

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