Practice Drawing - XL Workbook 1: Ballet

Practice Drawing - XL Workbook 1: Ballet Book Details

By York P. Herpers

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  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2016-11-19
  • Author: York P. Herpers
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Practice Drawing - XL Workbook 1: Ballet Overview

The ebook to the awesome XL workbook. The motif templates are here in color. Select the contour template for the desired motif and fix a normal paper sheet over the display of your mobile device. The illumination of the display ensures a particularly good transparency of the original. Draw the contours with a hard pencil and then change them back to the picture template to continue drawing the picture freehand.

Freehand drawing - made easy!

Even in a digital world, freehand sketching is still a recipe for success for impressive works of art. It is your own hand that makes your art unique. Many people don‘t know their ability to draw. But even unpracticed line drawings can make for impressive images. It is actually the imperfection that turns your images into works of art.

This exercise book makes you an artist!

Tracing is a simple and proven method to learn freehand drawing. After your exercises in this book, you will also succeed without templates because you will have developed a sense of proportion and contours.

The result: impressive drawings that you have made yourself, even on the first attempt.These are originals that you should even sign with your own name. It is your hand that has created this remarkable work of art.The beautiful motifs are what make each stroke of the pen or pencil pure joy.

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