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By Parker Avrile

  • Category: Gay, Books, Fiction & Literature, Romance, Gay & Lesbian
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2016-12-20
  • Author: Parker Avrile
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Unfreezing Overview

Can a younger man and his talented dog put a phobic screenwriter on the red arrivals carpet in time for the Academy Awards ceremony?

Chance looks like success. The white-hot gay screenwriter of the moment has wangled a coveted invitation to attend the Academy Awards. But Chance has a secret-- severe agoraphobia. Sometimes he can't even leave his building. He's tried everything. Nolan's idea is pretty out there, but Chance will do anything to reach his childhood dream.

"It's about show business, not monkey business."

Nolan turns out to be red hot, but Chance needs to play it cool. He can't blow this opportunity. With the help of a quirky Jack Russell Terrier, the 25-year-old hired genius can train Chance to operate a telepresence robot from Manhattan to walk the red carpet for him in Hollywood. The stunt will be great publicity for both men.

"He's used to dating models and singers, not geeks and nerds..."

Training Chance leads to touching Chance, but Nolan tells himself to go slow. The sophisticated older man is way out of his league. So how did they end up together at a rooftop party on New Year's Eve? And will they still be together on Valentine's Day?

Expect an enthusiastic Jack Russell Terrier, a touch of angst, and a steamy gay romance with two men who intend to go slow but sometimes just can't help themselves. Complete with fireworks, chocolate, a Happy Ever After-- and maybe even a gold statue. This winter-themed novella (short novel) is 94 pages.

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