Kiss of the Black Angel

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By Della Van Hise

  • Category: Contemporary, Books, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction & Literature, Gay
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2014-11-13
  • Author: Della Van Hise
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Kiss of the Black Angel Overview

Kiss of the Black Angel
an erotic vampire novella by
Della Van Hise

Kiss of the Black Angel was originally published in the prestigious TOMORROW MAGAZINE. It was released as a limited print first edition in 1997, as Ragged Angels.
There is now a novel-length version of this book entitled Sons of Neverland.

"The virtuosity shown here is only the beginning of a pyrotechnic talent unfolding into the hidden dimensions of the human and nonhuman spirit."
-Jacqueline Lichtenberg

"Sensual! Sexy! Surreal!"
-North County Times

"A literary triumph where the undead have more heart & soul than the living."
-The Readers

First published in 1997 as a limited first edition under the title of Ragged Angels, this was the last fiction novel by Della Van Hise before she turned her attentions to non-fiction and metaphysical pursuits. Ms. Van Hise is the author of the controversial STAR TREK novel, KILLING TIME, as well as many underground novels under a variety of pseudonyms.

Now, by popular demand, SONS OF NEVERLAND has been re-packaged and re-edited, bringing it into the 21st Century with the style and literary emphasis it truly deserves. The novella (Kiss of the Black Angel) is offered free on Smashwords - and we hope you will enjoy the novella enough to order the full-length novel!


One Amazon Reviewer said...

"What Sons of Neverland resembled to me was the creative hagiographies of Nikos Kazantzakis, where a few stylized characters deliver a message that goes way beyond the parameter of the characters themselves. And much like Kazantzakis, this book zones on the question of immortality. However, this is not just the decadent historical immortality of the long-lived vampire, it is immortality as a change in one's perception. This is the story behind the story, delivered by characters that are hyper-real - each one loaded with symbolism. Sons of Neverland will have you filled, even brimming over with the sense of Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans. Go there for a full helping of the numinous."

Set against a backdrop of contemporary culture, SONS OF NEVERLAND explores the universal questions of life & death, sex & love - the most crucial challenges every human being faces - through the eyes of the immortal vampire.

We hope you will give SONS OF NEVERLAND the opportunity to not only entertain you with its erotic and sensual descriptions, but to also challenge YOUR mind in the way any controversial work of "fiction" may well be a mildly disguised look at the absurd reality in which we all live...

Readers have compared SONS OF NEVERLAND to the works of Anne Rice, Carlos Castaneda, and Anais Nin. One reader summed it up as follows: "SONS OF NEVERLAND is one of the most erotic books I've ever read. It made me believe in the power of the human heart and gave me a real glimmer of hope that maybe we CAN live forever if we can get past the idea that tells us we can't. I found it totally uplifting regardless of the gritty story In the end, it made me realize that light can't exist without darkness. Thank you for a truly exceptional read!" (Charlene J.)

Told in the poetic voice of myth, SONS OF NEVERLAND is the tale of one man's search for immortality and love.

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