Exploring History Vol IV

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By Peter Pappas

  • Category: World, Books, History
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2016-12-06
  • Author: Peter Pappas
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Exploring History Vol IV Overview

World and American History lessons (in chronological order) Mysterious Bronze Age Collapse by Sam Hicks, From Revolution to Government by Valerie Schiller, Imagination, Innovation & Space Exploration by Molly Pettit, The Real Romanovs by Kelly Marx, World War I: The Human Cost of Total War by Anna Harrington, Collectivization and Propaganda in Stalin’s Soviet Union by Clarice Terry, Holy Propaganda Batman! by Karina Ramirez Velazquez, The Nicaraguan Literacy Crusade by Scott Hearron

Eight engaging questions and historic documents empower students to be the historian in the classroom. The units draw from a fascinating collection of text and multimedia content - documents, posters, photographs, audio, video, letter and other ephemera. "Stop-and-think" prompts based on CCSS skills guide students through analysis of the primary and secondary sources. Essential questions foster critical thinking. All documents include links back to the original source material so readers can remix the content into their own curated collections

Designed by 2016 graduate and undergraduate history education students at the University of Portland under the direction of nationally recognized history educator - Peter Pappas. It's a great resource for use in the classroom, and it serves as a model for teacher or student curation of historic content into interactive digital DBQs.

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