Rain Drops: Three Samples

Rain Drops: Three Samples Book Details

By J.R. Rain

  • Category: Hard-Boiled, Books, Mysteries & Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fantasy, Paranormal
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2016-12-29
  • Author: J.R. Rain
  • Book Ratings: 0/5 (0 User Reviews)

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Rain Drops: Three Samples Overview

Collection of three samples by #1 bestselling author, J.R. Rain, including:

(Vampire for Hire #1)
Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home. Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever. And forever is a very long time for a vampire.

(Jim Knighthorse #1)
Dark Horse takes place in Huntington Beach, California. Surf City, U.S.A. Written in the tradition of Robert B. Parker's Spenser and Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe, Dark Horse introduces a new hard-hitting, wise-cracking hero with a modern twist.

(A standalone mystery)
Five years ago, Lee Jordan was nearly killed on the job. Now deaf, blind, and mute, he's recovered enough to live a routine but silent life. However, now, the LAPD needs him back...

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