Job Search Essentials 3.0

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By Jim Wilson & Brooke DePue

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  • Release Date: 2017-05-08
  • Author: Jim Wilson & Brooke DePue
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Job Search Essentials 3.0 Overview

Job Search Essentials 3.0 — Finding Your Next Career Adventure
Job search can be an exciting time or it can be extremely frustrating. No doubt it's both of these during the course of a search that can be expected to take several months or longer.

If you're recently unemployed, we can empathize with your position. We've both been there, done that, and expect to encounter it again in our careers.
If you're about to conclude your college education, you're very much focused on finding that first job, which includes weaving your college work and part-time employment into a cohesive package to present to prospective employers.

This book is about the essentials of that job search. It is a perfect guide to developing all the elements of your search and making just the right impression with your resume and LinkedIn profile, your cover letter, and during the interview.

Jim Wilson is a freelance writer, communicator, and blogger with extensive experience in publishing and communications. In 2013, he began the blog PathForeWord at on career development and job search topics. He published his advice and career insight later that year with Job Search Essentials, followed by an updated Job Search Essentials 2.0 in 2014.

In 2015, my daughter, Brooke Wilson, began work as a university career information specialist, working with students daily on their resumes, conducting monthly resume workshops, coaching students and alumni, as well as working with employers in job fairs and other events. As a result, she has become an expert on the job search process, particularly around resumes and LinkedIn.

Given that background, we've combined our efforts and insight to develop this edition of Job Search Essentials, now version 3.0, which is focused exclusively on helping you build the tools you'll need in the search for your next career adventure.

We hope you'll find this book valuable on your PathForeWord.

Jim Wilson, B.A.S., M.A., M.B.A.
Brooke Wilson, B.S., M.S.

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