Trump: American Melodrama

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By Vlad Zeit

  • Category: Politics & Current Events, Books
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2017-09-06
  • Author: Vlad Zeit
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Trump: American Melodrama Overview

Disastrous election of 2016 is the consequent event, the lowest point of the degenerating developments in America of the last thirty-five years. From outset Trump Presidency looked like the transformation of the political TV show into the real life political Melodrama, loud, vulgar and stupid. Tragic aspect of this melodrama is humiliation and betrayal of the millions of people, Trump's supporters and voters.
Trump is personification of the cult of "success" which was developing in modern America for decades and finally this cult established itself in Oval Office.
Trump became the first American President in history who proudly boasts his immense wealth as an undisputable proof of his smarts and greatness.
Trump is the proud product of the triumphant mass culture in its worst: tasteless, ignorant and degrading to human spirit and mind. President Trump is a shallow man, mediocre, ignorant, with limited intellectual capacity and ridiculous self-adulation.
Trump is the small-time, petty fraud. Trump Presidency is a national disgrace.

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