The Key Factor: Understanding the Employer's Perspective on Hiring

The Key Factor: Understanding the Employer's Perspective on Hiring Book Details

By Gabriela Casineanu

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  • Release Date: 2018-01-11
  • Author: Gabriela Casineanu
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The Key Factor: Understanding the Employer's Perspective on Hiring Overview

Tired of sending resumes in vain?

Whether you’re an experienced professional willing to take your career to the next level or a student looking for your first job … this book can give you an extra boost to succeed!


Throughout 10+ years experience in coaching and employment counseling, the author noticed several common themes that act like blind spots on the job hunting process. 

The most important one? Misunderstanding the factors that influence the hiring decision, leading to more time and energy spent on getting the desired results.

When you open yourself up to understanding the others’ perspective (employers, recruiters, services providers), you’ll be more willing to adjust your job search accordingly—which increases your chances to get hired!

What you’ll find inside:

- Employers’ point of view on the recruitment process, and factors that influence their decision

- Recruiters’ perspective, and how their services could affect your job search

- Service Providers’ point of view (employment counselors, career coaches, etc.), and how to benefit the most from their services

- Several job search tips for the introverted and shy, addressing their specific challenges

- Blind spots of the candidates’ perspective, and how to uncover their wisdom to accelerate your job search!

Through this book, you'll also get access to ”You’re Hired: The Faster Way to Find a Job” (e-book) to learn a powerful coaching concept - often overlooked - that will accelerate your job search!

What’s not included in this book:

- How to leverage your strengths to attract the employer’s attention

- Twenty-one efficient job search strategies

- Detailed tips and advice on each phase of the job hunting process

- How to save time by applying project management concepts to your job search

- Attitudes for effective communication during the interview

- How to combine online and offline job search strategies to get better results (like the proactive use of LinkedIn’s website to figure out the next offline step).

The last 6 points are covered in Gabriela’s international bestseller ”Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search”


”The author skillfully presents the job search journey from different perspectives. Whether you've read tons of literature on the subject before opening this book or not, be prepared for an epiphany; like that individual mentioned in the book who was so tired of unsuccessful job hunting that he avoided eye contact due to his self-confidence vanishing… until his coach (incidentally the author) gave him an advice that changed the way he perceived himself. A must read!“  ~ F.K.

”This is not just a book about understanding the perspectives of the employer. It will also help the job seekers ask and reflect on themselves, their approach, strategies, and attitude in the job hunting process. I love the practicality of this book as it's also based on the first-hand experience of the author which makes the book a more interesting read. It is clearly written and enriched with examples and tips to make one understand the cycle of the hiring process and most importantly the employer's point of view. Every job seeker should have this book.” ~ E.M.

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