Pirate Ninja 2: Pranks in Paradise

Pirate Ninja 2: Pranks in Paradise Book Details

By Daniel Kenney

  • Category: Action & Adventure, Books, Young Adult, Fiction
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2018-06-05
  • Author: Daniel Kenney
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Pirate Ninja 2: Pranks in Paradise Overview

Bad Booger Business Gets Busted!

The kids at Archie Beller's new school are still the weirdest kids in America.

But at least now, he's got friends.

They call themselves the Nimrods, and like Archie, these kids like superheroes and comic books... and best of all, pranks! 

But when the school's big football game against their fiercest rival comes up, the pranks go a little too far.

Will Pirate Ninja be forced to once again save the day? 

Or this time, will Archie... and his new friends... be the ones who need to be saved?

Project Gemini is a ten-book series involving the characters Pirate Ninja, Lovable Loser, Lunchmeat Lenny, and Olive Klein. These are distinct characters, each with their own separate stories, but all the stories exist within the same fictional universe. The ten books of the Project Gemini series are listed below. 

Project Gemini Books
-Book One: Pirate Ninja 1
-Book Two: Lovable Loser 1
-Book Three: Pirate Ninja 2
-Book Four: Lovable Loser 2
-Book Five: Pirate Ninja 3
-Book Six: Pirate Ninja 4
-Book Seven: Lunchmeat Lenny 1
-Book Eight: Lunchmeat Lenny 2
-Book Nine: The Unbeatable Olive Klein
-Book Ten: Gemini Squad

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