First Time

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By Amanda Wilhelm

  • Category: New Adult, Books, Romance, Fiction & Literature, Contemporary, Short Stories
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2018-06-18
  • Author: Amanda Wilhelm
  • Book Ratings: 4/5 (18 User Reviews)
Score Ratings: 4
Based on 18 User Reviews

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First Time Overview

Lexi did not want to move and nothing is going to make her happy about it.  Except maybe that cute guy on the bus.

It's 1983 and Lexi has more than gotten over her parent's divorce.  Having to move to New Jersey, however, is simply unacceptable.  Lexi plans to go back to Brooklyn and stay with her dad, every weekend, whether her mom likes it or not.  How else is Lexi going to see her friends?  She never imagined she'd change her mind.  But then she saw Jack.

Jack knows he was born to share his music, and his voice, with the world.  His parents and teachers don't see it that way.  And it's not just them.  Everyone in town it seems, knows Jack as the one who doesn't measure up, to his brother's perfect academic record, that is.  Then he sees the new girl on the bus and realizes she doesn't know anything about that.  And maybe, just maybe, when she finds out, she won't care.

Jack and Lexi quickly become a couple.  Then they become a team.  Determined to make a life for themselves, on their own terms, they'll do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true.  No risk is too big to take, not if it gets them one step closer to the fame they want, and the freedom they can't live without.  After all, win or lose, they'll always have each other.  Until they don't.

This is Book One of Jack and Lexi's story. Book Two; Never Enough and Book Three; Come Back to Me can be found on Amanda Wilhelm's author page.  This is a new adult romance that follows the couple from high school to college.  Encounters are explicit but typical for the age and experience of the couple.

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