Our Awakening Journey Volume II

Our Awakening Journey Volume II Book Details

By David Ryther

  • Category: Spirituality, Books, Health, Mind & Body, Self-Improvement
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2019-02-17
  • Author: David Ryther
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Our Awakening Journey Volume II Overview

The first installment of the Our Awakening Journey series is centered on creating your reality. The main themes are about building the life you want to live and being the way you want to be. In Volume II, we focus on how to maintain that lifestyle and that state of being. And that is not to say that we will be working toward preserving this human experience in such a way that it never changes. Naturally there will be changes as is necessary for evolution, personal growth, and traveling the path that best serves you. What it means to "maintain" in this case is to remain in a high-vibrational state – a state where your thoughts, feelings, and expressions are uplifting, and where you are able to consistently transform the contrast in your life into things that work in your favor. The intention is that after reading this book, you will feel confident about your ability to preserve a high-vibrational state so that you will wake up every single day excited to be alive.

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