Sinners Tarot: A Satanic Approach to Divination

Sinners Tarot: A Satanic Approach to Divination Book Details

By ManofDawnLight

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  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2019-08-18
  • Author: ManofDawnLight
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Sinners Tarot: A Satanic Approach to Divination Overview

Tarot is a means of asking the spirit world for life answers, but usually such questions are asked to the grand universe or some other positive energy source. Rarely do people ask the darker side of the spirit realm for answers. What my book does is offer such an option to those brave enough to seek out infernal beings to reveal hidden truths and dark secrets. Now this isn’t an attempt to convert people to Satanism, but rather it provides a path for them to be open to the power of darkness.

Reaching out to the darker spirits is not a difficult task, but do so with care and respect is the challenge. Any person can draw an inverted pentagram and call out to the “Devil”, but this book gives a little detail on the exact beings they are calling out to. It also gives a different perspective on the history of the fallen angels; one which depicts Lucifer and his followers as champions of free will rather than simple bastions of evil intentions. With this in mind, the dark experiences that might come from using this Sinners Deck will be understood to be enlightening, rather than frightening.

How my deck stands out from the others is that it is not designed only to be an Oracle deck. It has a total of 78 cards, does contain four specialized suits, and it easily abides by the traditional means of reading Tarot. It functions like mainstream Tarot, but it also has its own means of divining answers to all questions. The Sinners Tarot strives to give more direct answers, while still being vague enough to be interpreted in many different ways. It also strives to teach the reader to respect the dark forces. Many times curious people have reached out to the infernal, only to recoil in fear from what they don’t understand. My book gives ample warning of the contained material and what is to come.

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