the Art of Modern Songwriting in the Streaming Age

the Art of Modern Songwriting in the Streaming Age Book Details

By Ian Nilsen

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  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2019-11-11
  • Author: Ian Nilsen
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the Art of Modern Songwriting in the Streaming Age Overview

Spanning more than 10 chapters The Stian Summer Technique offers a 360 degrees view on songwriting from blank paper to the finished master. There are chapters on new and modern ways of melody making, chord structuring, meaningful lyric writing techniques, all improtant tension making, how to undo a writers block situation, a great amount of tips and tricks if you get cornered with a song and a host of real world examples illustrated by both audio and video clips and much more. There are also sections on how the industry works today, how streaming services operates and how you should keep your rights to your own work and eventually decide to release your music through your own record label. The Stian Summer Technique is founded on a series of approaches that you can depend on during your songwriting sessions, whatever you are: a passionated amateur, semi-pro or pro! It's designed for pianists and guitar players but also for the many producers that would like to get into topline/melody making and lyric writing over their back tracks.

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