Your Legal Rights

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By Ann M. Smith

  • Category: Law, Books, Professional & Technical
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2019-11-26
  • Author: Ann M. Smith
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Your Legal Rights Overview

This publication is the second in the Law related Education series produced by the Texas Lawyers Auxiliary. The first publication, NOW YOU ARE 18 (currently an app in the App Store), teaches 18-year olds their legal rights and responsibilities upon reaching adulthood. It is widely used in Texas high schools, in government, business law, and other classes.

Your Legal Rights was developed out of the need to reach a wider portion of society also in need of knowing their legal rights and responsibilities. This book is directed toward adults in reading classes, citizenship classes, GED, and remedial classes.

This book has been designed for a wider usage than only the state of Texas. The information in it provides guidance in everyday living, helping the reader to make good decisions, gain self-confidence, become a better citizen, and function as an independent adult. It should be useful in those states which have a high percentage of adults in literacy, English as a second language, and citizenship classes.

Each PART has an introductory description. A vocabulary list with definitions follows. The words are in bold print in the definition portion of the vocabulary, in the definition sentence, and the first time the word is used in the text. A "Repeat Words" section follows the vocabulary list. Although not redefined, the repeat words appear in bold print in a sentence and the first time they are repeated in the text. An effort has been made to have each definition sentence pertain to the information in the PART in order to reinforce the learning process of the student. We hope this method will help students to learn the necessary legal terms and difficult words.

It is our goal to educate as many readers as possible about their legal rights and responsibilities. The Texas Lawyers Auxiliary appreciates all who give time and talent to teach others from this material.

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