Summary of “Why Buddhism is True” by Robert Wright

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  • Release Date: 2019-12-20
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Summary of “Why Buddhism is True” by Robert Wright Overview

QuickRead presents a summary of "Why Buddhism is True" by Robert Wright:

Learn the science and philosophy behind Buddhism and how meditation can improve your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

Today's modern world is full of stress. Think about your average day, where do your thoughts lead you? Do you worry about an upcoming deadline, an upcoming bill payment, or even what people may think about you? Life is full of constant worry, but what if all those emotions were all simply illusions? What if life really is like The Matrix and we have no control over our lives? While the idea of separating the mind and body, like Neo in The Matrix, seems impossible, the teachings of Buddhism prove that it is possible. Unlike The Matrix, you don't have to live in a pod and experience a dream-like world. Instead, through the practice of Buddhism, you can transcend everyday emotions like worry and stress and find inner peace through meditation and a simple change in perspective.

Throughout Why Buddhism is True, Robert Wright aims to prove how the teachings of Buddhism are supported by modern scientific evidence and can help you live a better life. As you read, you'll learn how life may actually be like The Matrix, how you might not have control over your decisions, and how meditation can help you find inner peace.

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