Summary of “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin

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Summary of “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin Overview

QuickRead presents a summary of "Purple Cow" by Seth Godin:

Learn how to transform your business by daring to be different and becoming remarkable.

Imagine being on a road trip to a place you've never been to before. As you're driving along, you see fields of black-and-white cows, hundreds of them! Immediately, they grab your attention and you become mesmerized. As you continue to drive, you continue to see fields of cows and that initial excitement begins to wear off. And then, just twenty minutes later, you're bored. The cows are no longer interesting, they no longer grab your attention. They're all the same. Do you know what's not the same? Purple Cows! If you're driving along and you see a purple cow, that would certainly grab your attention, right? In today's crowded marketplace, a Purple Cow is just what you need to build a successful business. What makes you different? What makes you stand out? Why are people going to want to buy what you're offering? Well, Seth Godin aims to help you figure out what your Purple Cow is and teach you how to market a successful business. As you read, you'll learn why you should market a product instead of running a company, why not taking risks is riskier than taking risks, and which type of consumer you should be marketing for. 

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