Project Based Distance Learning

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By Brendan Kelly, Casey Cohen & Felecity Treptow

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Project Based Distance Learning Overview

This book was created to give teachers, parents, and students inspiration for projects that can be created by students at home that connect to all areas of the curriculum. It was written by a team of Apple Distinguished Educators, who among them, share an expertise in K-12 education across all content levels. The projects are intended to give students a balance of structure and freedom as they inspire students to continue learning and creating when they are at home due to the Covid-19 school closures. Each project comes with multiple choices for how students can create the final product. While many involve technology, there are many options that do not require technology. The projects are organized by grade level and subject area. We hope teachers will share with this book with their classes and that parents and students will be inspired to try the ideas at home. Many thanks to our Apple Distinguished Educator colleagues who contributed project ideas. The name of the educator who wrote each project is included on the page of the project as well as his or her Twitter handle. We encourage you to follow these awesome educators for even more ideas of how to inspire a culture of creativity and innovation.

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